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Welcome to com-site Web Services! Once registering for a com-site account, we ask for your personal information like real name, username, date of birth, email, address and phone number. Our website system may do the back-up to any content (messages, images, etc.) you share through this website. Additionally, we also get your information from the third parties. For example, when you access to using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, the certain information you use to log in to these services will be transferred to com-site Web Services automatically.

By sharing your information with us, you can freely make public connection to many of our services. For example, com-site Web Services allows you to access to your friends list, contact to those friends, as well as offers you with more updates. We recommend you to frequently check our Privacy Policy and if needed, you should adjust your privacy settings on all the third-party sites.

Here, at com-site Web Services, we value the privacy in your personal information. This website is committed to keep your privacy under a restricted protection. Nothing of your information will be personally collected, used or disclosed for illegal purposes. Please read this Privacy Policy to know how we collect and use your personal data. By using com-site Web Services, you agree to the data management of this policy.

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