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Things You Should Not Do in A Psychic Reading

Things you should not do in a psychic reading.

Each year, about millions of people visit psychic readers for assistance in general. After gaining genuine help and advice as well as picking up great insights, they feel enlightened and empowered.

In fact, some even grow addicted to psychic readings and usually contact the spiritual advisor for their intuitive guidance.

Nonetheless, there are also a few individuals not feeling happy with what the psychic says and tending to ignore the whole process.

What usually happens in the latter case?

People incline to immediately blame the psychic if they are not pleased with the experience. This situation is understandable, especially when someone experienced a cold reading. However, on the other hand, some might criticize and point fingers at the person standing in front of them.

Guess what?

Indeed, your bad experience sometimes is the thing being caused by your action, behavior and attitude. Note that you are avoiding knowing the truth about yourself once committing critical mistakes during the psychic session.

Want to get the most from the reading with your psychic?

Then keep following this article to find out things you shouldn’t do (or, at least, avoid) in your psychic reading.

Things You Can Do Wrong While Getting a Psychic Reading

Have unrealistic expectations

Avoid Unrealistic Expectations in Psychic Readings

Avoid unrealistic expectations in psychic readings.

Not all people coming to see the psychic advisor are truth seekers. The truth is, the majority of them attend the spiritual reading with unrealistic expectations.

For example, admit it, you once thought of asking your advisor to offer you the lottery number for the following day, right? Some also crave to know the name of the aunt who is their father’s cousin.

Normally, your mindset will set the impact on the whole reading that, but if that mindset goes beyond the reality, you will definitely end up having a bad time.

Look for super specific information

Never Ask for Super Specific Information

Never ask for super specific information.

Aside from having unrealistic expectations, another thing that will give you a negative reading as well is asking for very specific information.

Keep in mind that your psychic is not the fortune teller; therefore, the purpose of a spiritual reading is to guide you toward a successful, bright path in this physical world, NOT to foretell exactly future events.

The reader will give you helpful information generally, not the nitty-gritty.

Do not listen to all messages

Listening to All Psychic Messages is A Must

Listening to all psychic messages is a must.

Believe or not, we all made this mistake even though we didn’t do it on purpose, really.

Not only for psychic readings, but we have tendency to do this wrong thing when facing various aspects in our life. The reason is – humans don’t like to hear criticism or disapproval. That explains why we are likely to shut our ears from unpleasant things.

As a matter of fact, with everything in life, we already have preconceived notions. However, if we keep holding on those preconceived notions (*2) as being true, a negative and critical belief about others will take shape inside us which later could affect our behavior.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with ask specific questions. But the matter here is you start ignoring the psychic’s message when realizing that it doesn’t seem like what you really want to hear.

When it comes to psychic readings, you must accept the fact that a psychic can bring you bad news any time. It’s much better if you learn to cope with the upcoming challenge rather than ignore it.

Close your mind to the experience

Always Keep an Open Mind in the Reading

Always keep an open mind in the reading.

Lastly, this is the element that can either give you the very best psychic experience or ruin the whole session. What is it? Critically, you are highly advised to keep an open mind whilst receiving the psychic’s guidance.

Many often attend the reading with doubts which is possible and not new.

Nevertheless, NEVER close your mind entirely. The moment you shut your energy, you will then be left with a negative experience. And that will make you doubt and misconceive much about the reading process, even more than when you started.

Tips for a Great Psychic Reading

Having a psychic reading will somehow shed a luminous light into yourself, your life, and potential decisions regarding your future.

It is important to determine what factors have an affect on the effectiveness and quality of psychic readings. Most importantly, it depends on the way you approach and accept the reading.

Below are 10 tips of getting an insightful psychic reading:

  • Spend your time preparing yourself well
  • Create a comfortable environment for mediation
  • Always keep an open mind to all the possibilities
  • Make careful research to protect yourself against scams, fake psychics, etc.
  • Ask more open-ended questions
  • Take plenty of time to think after the reading
  • Interact with your psychic throughout the reading session
  • Be fully present for your reading
  • Be extremely wary when choosing the phone reading service
  • Relax both your mind and soul

Have you had any experience in getting psychic readings before? If someone tells that they want to have a positive reading, what is your advice to those people?

Check out this guide and you will gather more tips on how to prepare a psychic reading well.

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Quantum Physics in Spirituality

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What is Quantum Physics?

Definition of Quantum Physics

Scientifically, quantum physics describes the interaction of matter and energy generally. They are in fact physic laws controlling the nature and behavior of the universe on the atomic, electronic and photonic level. Energy is the key of quantum physics – everything is energy, and energy has an effect on other energy. Similarly, in spirituality, humans are considered as energy. Since we are somehow connected, we share a lot of things in common. According to com-site Web Services, the theory of quantum physics shows the correlation of yourself and God.

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Generally, your will is all you need when it comes to giving decisions, making choices about yourself, and finding a way to the peace of mind.

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